Femke Jonckheer

Canto Pop, Jazz e tecniche vocali

Insegna in: Inglese, Olandese e Fiammingo

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Femke Jonckheer was born in Belgium in 1995.She started singing and performing as from the age of 6 for Easter and Christmas festivities.During her teenage years she attended vocal lessons in the Jazz Studio in Antwerp where her teacher, Oljana Weyler, inspired her to continue as a performer.During the summer of 2013, Femke attended the Berklee Umbria Jazz Clinic where she got the chance to meet international musicians and performed on one of the main stages of the festival.After having completed high school in visual and performing Arts, Femke got accepted in the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2013 where she started her studies as a jazz musician and vocalist.During her Bachelor education studies she specialized in stage performance, vocal expression, American pronunciation, lyrical approaches of a multicultural repertoire and also, lyric- and song writing. In her final year she had an internship as a vocal teacher where she exercised her skills in the methodology of teaching vocal techniques, including the Complete Vocal Technique method.After her final examination concert and bringing out her first EP ‘Theta Waves’, she graduated successfully in 2017.When Femke moved back to Belgium after graduation she had a couple of collaborations with producers and brought out two singles; ’Enough’ with Killa Mahanie and ‘Hera’ together with Young Solon, under the artist name Misha.Since well-being is one of Femke’s other great interests, she attained a yoga instructor and wellness coach education right after her graduation. She spent some time discovering how health has an impact on being a singer. From these experiences she has adopted perspectives on body posture and breathing exercises which she now applies in her singing practices.Recently, Femke has developed her own yoga practice, named: ’Meraki & Flow’. On the 6th of December 2020 this was held as a workshop in the Helsinki Healing Arts Center.Designing this practice, she based herself on the question; “How to bring out more, what is in?”.She wishes to welcome artists and performers in order to help them find more ease and trust in their daily creative activities.Born in Belgium, graduated in Amsterdam and currently living in Helsinki, Femke is an explorer not only in traveling countries but also in musical and Artistic fields.If you want to learn how to place yourself on stage and get to know your own unique voice and discover its many possibilities, then she might have some essential tips and tricks in store.Femke accompanies her own singing on guitar or piano and has gathered experience in a broad variety of styles. From Jazz to Soul, Indie, Pop and Rock.Her personal motive on singing: “Finding your inner voice and learning to express it is the start of a true performer.”